Our Reviews

Kathy E.
I literally could not have done it without Joy! She made it possible...

I cannot say enough about Joy and her team. Ours was a difficult and emotional move. After 23 years in our home it was time to move to one story living. I literally could not have done it without Joy! She made it possible...everything from taking things for donation, hiring trash removal service, shredding old documents, coordinating and managing the moving company, to just plain being kind and understanding of how tough it all was for us. When we arrived at our new condo the next day, Joy and her team had unpacked the essentials, set up our furniture and, in general, "staged" it so we could see our beautiful new home. I felt like I was on an HGTV show for the big reveal. It was wonderful! And then Joy returned to our old home to oversee the final clean out in preparation for the new owners. She will do as little or as much as you need and want. We recommend Joy highly!!!

Elizabeth G.
Joy allowed me to breathe. I was not alone. That is priceless. Her attitude is upbeat and she is PERFECT for this job.

I reached out to Joy in the depth of despair after losing my 98 year old father leaving his wife, my 98 year old mother living alone in their large home in Brewster. As this was NOT a tenable solution, I was forced to move her to Maplewood at Brewster assisted living. It was sudden and being from New Jersey and New York (sister), we did not have unlimited time for this move. Joy came to the house and helped us chose furniture pieces that would fit into her smaller apartment at Maplewood. She told me exactly what I would need for Mom over there (household-wise) and helped us with the packing. She was amazing and dropped off items before the move as well as arranging for and coordinating the movers making CERTAIN that our precious cargo (like alabaster sculptures!) was handled delicately. She also, personally saw that my Mom’s precious CASE of wine was moved. BUT, her true value in my eyes was that SHE AND HER WORKER UNPACKED AND ARRANGED my mother’s apartment so that it was DONE when we arrived! Prior to the move, she also presented me with a floor plan with my mother’s personal pieces! The unpacking was and is priceless when one is dealing with loss, relocating and entire life upheaval. Joy allowed me to breathe. I was not alone. That is priceless. Her attitude is upbeat and she is PERFECT for this job.

Laura F.
Joy and her team made my mother’s move to assisted living a breeze.

Joy and her team made my mother’s move to assisted living a breeze. I like to refer to her as ‘the wedding planner’ because she took all the stress out of the process and left us time to reminisce with my mother over fond memories shared at the home she was leaving. Joy helped my mother weed through her ‘treasures’ and downsize to only her favorites to be brought to her new home. She found a great mover, packed and unpacked all of her belongings, and left my mother with nothing more to do than meet some new neighbors. It felt like the big reveal on an HGTV home show. My mother loves her new home and is adjusting beautifully! Thank you Joy and team, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Charlie A.
Smooth Transitions in My Opinion is a Five Star Business

Joy and her two female crew packed up my home for my move to assisted living at Keystone place. They came back the next day and set up my apartment so all I had to do was walk through the door, to my fully furnished apartment They are very professional and so friendly that anyone contemplating downsizing or moving would love them. Smooth Transitions is in my opinion, a five star business and I would and will hire them again to clean out and sell everything left in my home so I can sell it. They are the very best..

Karen M.
Joy Was an Absolute Joy to Work With

Joy was an absolute JOY to work with as we prepared my parents' apartment for their move. While I was out of state helping them, she worked with me to plan the space, source furniture and decor, and then she and her team flawlessly moved it all in! She is experienced and wonderfully caring. Working with her was lifesaver during a very busy time for me. My parents have loved the space and all her finishing touches. We highly recommend Joy & her team!

Diane E.
This is a Fantastic Company!

This is a fantastic company!! My brother has to move apartments within his Independent Community. They were unbelievable!! Efficient, patient , thorough, and just so nice!! If you have a loved one that needs to move this is the company to call!! Joy and her team are the best!! Do not hesitate call them immediately!!
Thank you Joy!! His new apartment looks so great!!

Audrey C
She came in and saved the day, as I could have never done it without her.


Ginny Veras
Don't make a move without her!

Joy is the best! She is so professional and efficient, works fast and thought of absolutely everything. Joy made a really difficult move a truly 'smooth transition' -- don't make a move without her!!