Moving and Downsizing in the Time of COVID.  Where There is Hand Sanitizer There is a Way!

Worried that the Pandemic will put your move or downsizing plans on the back burner?  Have you ever let hardships hold you back in the past? Why let this one?  There is no time like the present.  Many people in the industry have gone above and beyond to help you make your move or downsizing project as safe and seamless as possible. 

For months we have hibernated, “Stay at Home” became a new phrase in our vocabulary.  Fast forward a few months and we added “Safer at Home”.  We are all doing our part every day to navigate our way through unprecedented times. 

Recently as I walked through the streets of downtown Plymouth, I observed people coming out, supporting local businesses, dining al fresco, or just out for a walk taking in a beautiful fall evening.  We are all moving on in a way.  It may look a little different.  Some of us have taken to coordinating our outfits with a matching mask, others opt for a statement piece or a simple type.   We always know there will be hand sanitizer nearby, and we may wish that we had bought stock in it last year!  One thing we all have in common is that we are trying to make the best of it.  You may not see my smile under my mask, but you can see it in my eyes. 

People are eager to get back to work, to do what they love and what they do best.  Move Managers, Realtors, Movers, Estate Dispersal Experts, Junk Haulers, Donation Sites and many more are all eager to help you prepare for your new chapter.  Safety precautions have been put in place, guidelines have been set and followed.  A safe, healthy and stress-free experience for each client is the greatest goal. 

How can you do your part?

  • Ask questions. 
    • Find out what procedures the companies you contract with have in place to keep you safe. Follow their guidelines.  Working together is so important
  • Take care of yourself. 
  • Projects like this can be stressful.  Limiting your stress should be your highest priority. 
    • Do something you love each day. 
    • Call someone who makes you laugh.
    • Take a deep breath.
    • Get some light exercise or a walk in the fresh air.
  • Support your immune system. 
    • Eating healthy is not only good for fitting into those jeans, it is important in boosting your immune system and keeping you well. 
    • Make sure you are getting enough sleep.    
  • Wash your hands often, your kindergarten teacher would be so proud of you (I say this as a former kindergarten teacher)!

Before we know it, we will move on from this Pandemic.  We will sit closer together, give hugs without worry, we will be going to concerts and games.  Whether it is back to normal or the new normal, go headstrong into it in your new space. Whether you are moving or downsizing your current abode.   Be cautious, be safe, and most of all be well!